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Style. What is style? For me style is all about self expression, reflecting our own personal mood and attitude. Until recently I was dressing for others and not myself. I found that I was trying to dress to "fit it" to feel like had everyones approval and was "in" with the crowd. I was so caught up with trends that I forgot to dress for the person I am on the inside. I was letting others depict what I should be wearing to that Friday night soiree instead of choosing something that I liked and truly represented myself. I found myself having trouble creating outfits because I felt so disconnected with myself. I spent countless days just staring at my wardrobe with no inspiration. Until I stopped contemplating and let go of all the "what ifs" and just dressed for me. So, I challenge you to do the same. Take a step back and think is this really who I am? Is this outfit representing me and my attitude today? You don't have to have a set style heck, I sure don't! But dress with what makes you feel most empowering knowing you are going out into the world representing YOU.
There is nothing wrong from getting inspiration from others, on the other hand inspiration is everything! You can find your own sense of style by trying out different looks, but just don't let yourself get caught up on trying to look exactly like that person because thats when you start loosing yourself. So, I started saving images and snapping pictures of every outfit I felt attracted to without giving myself time to second guess and if you do the same in the end you will see how much the outfits you saved differ from what you are wearing today. Here are a few outfits that I picked out. I hope you can get inspired and do the same.

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