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February was a month of mixed emotions. I fell in love with new things and I also got rid of a lot things I used to like. So here are a few of my favorite bits from this past month.

Bare Minerals Tinted Gel Cream- As I mentioned last month, I don't really wear makeup that often. I feel like the less makeup I wear the better my skin looks and feels but I do have a lot of redness on my face and when I want to even out my skin tone this is what Ive been reaching for. It's a gel type consistency cream with absolutely amazing hydration. The coverage is very light and radiant but it is perfect for the type of look I like. I will most likely do a full on review of this because it honestly is amazing!
Demin Jackets-  Here in Texas it's already starting to feel like spring and one of my favorite pieces for this time of year are denim jackets! I've been loving this UNIF jacket that I thrifted I few months ago. My favorite part of the jacket are the quirky patches and the distress on the collar. It think it gives it a much more cool element than a plain denim jacket.

Keep It Simple-  My mom and I stopped at a garage sale a few weeks ago and I saw this book laying under a whole bunch of home decor magazines and for some reason I was drawn to pick it up. As soon as I read the first page I was in love with it. When I asked the guy how much he wanted for it he said, "that is an incredible book, you can have that for free." I offered to give him money either way but he wouldn't take it. Anyway, it's a daily meditation book for new beginnings and renewals. Each page is titled with the month and day and is filled with words of encouragement, reflection, and prayer and also has some action-of-the-day reminders. I've been reading it every morning when I wake up and I find is a great way to start up my day.

Freaks and Geeks- I re-watched Freaks and Geeks on Netflix last week and I fell in love with the show all over again. It came out in 1999 and sadly it didn't even last until the end of the first season, which I don't understand because it is one of the best shows ever!! Anyway, it is extremely funny and if you like 80's films and James Franco then I'm pretty sure you'll love this show.

As always here are my monthly music favorites. Happy listening! xx


  1. Please do a review on the Bare Minerals. I've been looking for a light coverage product that leaves my skin dewy but not oily by the end of the day, and one that doesn't wear off. It seems they don't make foundations like this!

    Xx Chantel |

    1. I will definitely do a post soon! Keep and eye out. xx

  2. I've been loving somebody else by the 1975 too! Such a tune! X

    Spring Vintage ootd over on -

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