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Hey guys, it's me again. It's been a while.... I've missed you. 

A lot has happened in the past few months. After the spring semester ended I started working a full-time job. I was planning on just working full-time during the summer but when August came around I decided to stay. I figured it wouldn't be so hard to manage work and school but I didn't take into consideration how hard it would be to manage work and school PLUS the gym, blogging and my personal life. It basically started taking a toll on my mental health. I felt my anxiety starting to creep up again and I was losing a bit of control. I finally took a little step back and realized I needed to take care of myself before things really started to go bad so I planned out my time a little bit better because you guys have no idea how much I missed sitting here talking to you even though sometimes I feel a little crazy talking to my computer screen but it's okay, I know you're there. Anyway, I wanted to share a few little things that I have incorporated into my routine that have helped my well-being.  :)

1. The Outdoors
 Spending time outdoors is key. I am lucky enough to live near a beach and in a city that is hot most of the time so picnics by the beach are my favorite thing to do. When time doesn’t allow for a picnic or the weather is a bit chilly then I’ll grab a coffee to-go and go to the nearest park for a walk :)

2. Interaction
 When I am feeling a bit stressed or anxious I tend to isolate myself and it is probably because I am quite an introvert. I am not a huge fan of being around a large crowd but I noticed that if I just go out for lunch or coffee with a friend once or twice a week it instantly lifts my mood.

3. Healthfulness  
Keeping a clean diet and exercise routine is what I find to be the most important. It’s what gives me the energy to do everything else! As most of you already know I follow a plant-based diet. I like to fuel my body with simple and nutritious foods like fruits, greens, legumes and grains. This year I found a love for running so I try and do it a few times a week as well as weightlifting. At first, I was very intimidated but after each session, I feel more and more comfortable and I found it to be a great way to release stress.

4. Self-Care
 Between work, school, family duties and your social life it can be a bit difficult to find some "me time" but it is definitely necessary. Taking an hour or two every few days to relax and unwind is so important for your wellbeing. My favorite things to do are having a bath, diffusing a few of my favorite essential oils, putting on a face mask, reading a book or listening to a podcast.

I hope you guys found this helpful, talk to you soon! xx

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